Aggregates & Products


Aggregates are sands, gravel and crushed stone, products of a pit or a quarry. Aggregates can be used to build roads, sewers, sidewalks, schools, factories, offices, parking lots, driveways, recreation centers, hike and bike trails and many other amenities of modern living.

Locally-sourced aggregates are beneficial to San Antonio’s development. With local sources, transportation fees are lower, reducing costs for infrastructure projects.

Aggregates (Crushed Rock)

Martin Marietta is the second-largest provider of construction aggregates in the United States.

The Beckmann Quarry is a supplier of crushed rock aggregates. To order materials please contact us.

Ready Mix

Ready mixed concrete is a mixture of sand and rock aggregates with cement and water. This type of concrete is delivered in a freshly mixed, unhardened state.  Ready mixed concrete is affordable, durable and can be used in a variety of applications, making it one of the most popular construction materials in the world.

The Beckmann Quarry is a supplier of ready mixed concrete. To order materials, please contact us.

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