The Quarry


The Beckmann Quarry, owned by Martin Marietta, has been producing crushed-stone products for more than 80 years.  It is one of the largest aggregate mines in Texas and the nation and has been consistently recognized for its outstanding safety and environmental precautions.

The Beckmann Quarry is an economic generator for San Antonio, providing locally sourced aggregates to the community, lowering the cost of construction and development in San Antonio.


While there is a lot of rock in Texas, surprisingly very few areas actually have the quality of stone necessary to meet concrete and asphalt pavement specifications. Where high quality stone is present, it is generally concentrated in narrow bands or relatively small pockets, such as is the case with the Edwards Formation.

The proximity to market is critical because of high transportation costs, which is why the vast majority of aggregates consumed in the San Antonio area must be sourced from quarries over or near the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.


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