Environmental Stewardship

In 2010, Martin Marietta installed a new water system, which reduced water consumption by 53 percent in just one year.


The Beckmann Quarry takes precautions to protect the Edwards Aquifer, with nearly two-dozen water-pollution abatement plans in place.  These plans include flood control for the Shavano area on the 95-Acre Parcel of the quarry, entrance road reconstruction, wheel wash prior to trucks exiting the quarry and above ground storage tanks.


To prevent the spread of dust around the area of the quarry, Martin Marietta treats the paved entrance to the quarry with a chemical that keeps dust down, washes the entire road every evening and runs street sweepers every day on each shift along the frontage road of Loop 1604 and around the quarry area. Trucks undergo a wheel wash prior to exiting the quarry to prevent the spread of dust.

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