NISD campus recognizes Martin Marietta

Lonnie O’Toole, plant manager for Martin Marietta’s Beckmann Quarry, with students from Patricia J. Blattman Elementary School.

Students from Blattman Elementary were recently treated to a tour of Beckmann Quarry.

Martin Marietta recently received a truly distinguished recognition — from Northside Independent School District’s Patricia J. Blattman Elementary School. The campus nominated the building-materials supplier for NISD’s annual Partner-of-the-Year Award, in the Outstanding Business or Community Organization Category.

The award recognizes those businesses and community organizations that give of their time and talents for the district.

Blattman Elementary described Martin Marietta as a firm that consistently “digs down deep to support our campus year after year.” Every kindergarten student is treated to a tour of Beckmann Quarry, where they learn early on how the science taught in the classroom can lead to future career opportunities “right in their own back yard,” wrote Blattman Elementary, which wittily summed up its nomination by stating that the school “is never caught between a rock and a hard place” with Martin Marietta as its partner.

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